Have you been charged or accused of fraud?

Our specialist fraud and financial crime lawyers have decades of invaluable experience to rely upon and are at your side at every step.

07557094678 (24HRS) For representation or urgent enquiries please call us 0151 459 3221 or 020 3758 3229 [email protected] For OOH please call 07557094678 Our experts can advise on your case
07557094678 (24HRS) For representation or urgent enquiries please call us 0151 459 3221 or 020 3758 3229 [email protected] For OOH please call 07557094678 Our experts can advise on your case

Specialist criminal defence solicitors

Potter Derby have specialist areas and departments that are comprised of lawyers that have a passion for defending and assisting people who find themselves accused of certain types of criminal offences.

"Potter Derby, a real tour de force. They represent their clients with infectious enthusiasm. An outstanding firm that pulls out all the stops for their clients." Alan Kent KC, Mountford Chambers
"Potter Derby are a hardworking and committed team of sound lawyers. However serious and complex the case they are able to identify and focus upon the relevant critical issues at speed and with clarity. They offer exceptional client care and go that extra mile in case preparation". Nigel Lambert KC, Mountford Chambers London
"Unparalleled expertise, unrivalled tacticians and fearless in representing their clients, Potter Derby’s vast experience in defending high profile crime and fraud has won them a national reputation as the go-to firm for those facing allegations of serious crime." Oliver Cook
"Potter Derby have gained a national reputation for being at the forefront of defence solicitors. Whether it’s a high profile case or high profile individual, they have become a go to firm". Simon Csoka, KC
"Potter Derby instructions are regarded very highly by Chambers. Cases are well prepared by knowledgeable staff." 7 Harrington Street Chambers, Liverpool
"I worked with the principal and his team on one of the most challenging and serious cases of my career. From the outset, the professionalism, attention to detail and relentless defence of his clients stood out as exceptional. I would recommend any client seeking the highest quality of private representation to instruct Potter Derby to act for them." Chris Daw KC, Sergeants' Inn Chambers London
"Potter Derby have a very loyal client base in serious crime, this can only be earned by providing an excellent service, and proving experience and expertise in the most serious cases over many years". 25 Bedford Row Chambers, London
"They present an exceptional attention to detail. They show professionalism of such a high standard which comes through years of experience in defending in the most complex of cases. A pleasure to work with". Mountford Chambers, London
"Fearless, totally committed to their clients and always happy to go the extra mile". Joel Bennathan KC, Doughty Street Chambers
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Fraud cases can often be won or lost at the investigation stage and before charge. What occurs in the early stages of an investigation can influence whether the matter leads to charge and in some cases, conviction.

“I do not understand what I am supposed to have done wrong. Why are they saying I am a fraudster? I have done nothing wrong.”

Not properly understanding why the police and prosecution are looking to prosecute you and put you through possibly the worst period of your life, is the most common experience we have when meeting clients who seek our professional help to successfully defending such allegations. Once you have an understanding of what the prosecution has to show and then prove against you before you can be charged or convicted, it becomes much easier for you to assist in successfully defending the allegations against you.

It is vitally important you have a working relationship with the legal team you instruct. You should be walking away from every conference with your legal team with a feeling you fully understand everything that is going on and you can see why the police and prosecution are accusing you of fraud. Once you are armed with this knowledge, you are in a better position to be able to provide your legal team with the answers to help them successfully defend your case. So, with this understanding, what is fraud?

To be convicted of fraud (or cheating), the Prosecution have to prove:

  • There has been dishonesty.
  • A dishonest event has to have taken place
  • You must be a party to that dishonesty.

Although there is no definition of what a fraud is in the Fraud Act 2006, the dishonesty in question has to consider the actual state of the accused knowledge or believe as to the facts of the case (did you make someone believe something is true that you know to be false?) The Jury will be told they must consider whether the conduct you are supposed to have engaged in was honest or dishonest to the standards of the ordinary decent person.

We work across a wide range of complex, sensitive and high value fraud, from “Ponzi” schemes, boiler room investment frauds, mortgage fraud, dark web transaction, cryptocurrency exchanges, corruption and bribery as well as many more. As members of the Fraud Lawyers Association we have immediate access to new legislation and regularly attend education seminars that discuss, challenge and respond to government consultations in respect of all matters relating to serious fraud. In addition here at Potter Derby, we have been recognised by the LAA as having the expertise necessary to accept instructions to defend cases that are deemed to be of the highest complexity creating the largest volumes of evidence. These cases are referred to as Very High Costs Case Contracting Panel (VHCC) cases.

Potter Derby are recognised as long-standing members of the Specialist Fraud Lawyers association for a considerable number of years, whilst also proud to be included in the top ranked chambers for several years including 2024, along with being ranked as a Legal 500 leading criminal defence firm 2024.

Specialising in all aspects of Fraud & Financial Crime including:

  • Cryptocurrency Fraud
  • Stock Fraud
  • Banking Fraud
  • Investment Fraud
  • Land Fraud
  • Money Laundering
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Boiler Room Fraud
  • VAT Fraud
  • Dark Web Transactions  & NFTs

Meticulous case preparation is the key to ensuring positive outcomes for our clients.

We relish the prospect of solving clients problems. We devise strategies, prepare meticulously, and leave nothing to chance. We will defend our clients rights with all our ability and determination. While our clients legal issues will be peculiar and unfamiliar to them, our expert lawyers have decades of invaluable experience to rely upon. We create a reassuring and protective environment, while working tirelessly to meet objectives. Our work will demonstrate our commitment to our clients and will validate the trust clients place in us. Potter Derby Solicitors do not wish to garner fame or publicity. We recognise that confidentiality of our clients cases is of the upmost importance. That is why most of our success stories will forever remain untold.

Do not hesitate to contact us to seek expert legal advice, should you find yourself facing criminal charges or accusations. Call: 0151 459 3221 or 020 3758 3229. Alternatively, please email us at [email protected]

Request a callback from a solicitor

To seek legal advice or to discuss your case submit your contact details confidentially and a solicitor will be in touch between 9am-5pm. For more urgent queries please call 0151 459 3221 or out of hours call 07557094678

Specialist Fraud and Financial Crime Defence Solicitors

Potter Derby Solicitors are a criminal defence firm who are regularly instructed to defend people in police stations and Courts throughout England and Wales.

Evidence relating to financial crime is both comprehensive and sophisticated, only a small selection of criminal defence firms has the specialist expertise and ability to properly defend in these matters. Potter Derby is one of them.

We have secured our reputation as recognised experts at preparing criminal defence work to such a high standard over time, through working with the industry’s leading Kings Counsel and being consistently instructed in the largest and most complex cases seen in Courts throughout England & Wales.

From defending allegations of international boiler room frauds, multi million pound mortgage and VAT fraud, to inter-continental drug & firearms conspiracies to politically motivated offences. Our experience in defending the largest cases is second to none. The ethos from the start is to offer a bespoke service tailoring what we do to the specific natures of the case.

We're Here To Defend You

Being arrested and/or interviewed for criminal allegations can be a very stressful experience. Dawn raids and arrests at a person’s home or business premises occur without warning and when least expected.

When confronted by Specialist Investigators and Prosecutors, you need the reassurance and confidence that you have lawyers of the highest caliber to safeguard your interests.

We recognise that all criminal allegations of are serious for those on the receiving end and understand that allegations of this nature can have a profound affect on future prospects. We aim to support our clients by being proactive from the moment we are instructed.

If you need urgent advice or representation please call us or submit our contact form.

Speak to a solicitor who can help advise on your situation.