London Criminal Case History

Read insights into criminal case history across the nation

Conspiracy to Supply – Multi defendant investigation by the Metropolitan police in to the importation to the UK of 14 different types controlled drugs from 5 separate countries over a period of 2 years

Conspiracy to commit Fraud – International boiler room fraud involving the charting of banking transactions travelling through 14 different countries in what was a multinational Ponzi scheme of monumental complexity. Over 30 different companies were said to have been set up in an effort to disguise the transactions

Money Laundering – Multimillion-pound money laundering operation using dozens of stolen high-performance sports cars fronted as a legitimate executive lease hire business. The profits of the ‘legitimate’ company were then filtered back in the banking system as legitimate earnings

Conspiracy to Commit Fraud – Large scale deception that involved deceiving investors in to believing they were buying shares in a precious gems trading company

Conspiracy to Commit Investment Fraud – Large scale investment fraud where millions of pounds were reported lost by investors who believed their money was safe in established escrow accounts

Conspiracy to Launder Money – Large scale drug conspiracy that not only involved millions of pounds of controlled drugs, but the complex issue of how to establish such huge amounts of money from the sale of drugs, as legitimate money in the banking system

Conspiracy to Commit Credit Fraud & Money Laundering – Lengthy police operation into credit fraud on a commercial basis. Police uncover a commercial hub that had dozens of machines creating cloned credit cards that investigations show went on to be used to steal millions of pounds. Multiple cash counting machines were also uncovered such was the amount of money being stolen

Conspiracy to Commit Fraud – Multi million pound fraud involving stolen banking details purchased over the dark web. The stolen banking account details were purchased using various crypto currencies to hide the purchase and sale

Conspiracy to Evade VAT – HMRC investigation in to an Eastern European organised crime group who were setting up various large companies with the sole intention of importing goods to sell on while never intending to pay VAT on the products. The loss to the revenue is said to be millions of pounds

Murder – A murder for hire involving multiple defendants. A long-standing debt established the creation of a hit team put together to murder the target and his family

Murder – Gang related murder on a lone male, considered a revenge attack as apart of a long running feud.

Conspiracy to Possess Firearms with Intent to Endanger life – Multi handed trial into a group committing robberies with firearms during which time one person is shot in the course of one of their robberies

VAT Revenue Fraud – Huge counterfeit goods operation involving millions of pounds of imported and homemade imitation products

Corruption in Public Office – One of the biggest police investigations into corruption in the security services. The investigation lasted 6 years

Conspiracy to Supply Cocaine and Heroin – 18-month police operation in to a highly organised and sophisticated group said to be importing and distributing huge amounts of class A drugs from Eastern Europe throughout east London

Conspiracy to Launder Money – Lengthy trial of a group said to have masterminded the ‘cleansing’ of large quantities of illegal cash in through the banking system, all done whole they are in jail serving life in prison

Murder – Investigation carried out by Thames Valley Homicide Investigations Unit into the murder of a young male in the Aylsebury area following a large scale fight. The deceased died from multipole stab wounds leading to 8 males being charged and placed before the court.

Conspiracy to Supply Cocaine – Relates to an investigation into offences of large-scale drug supply in Kent, the investigation primarily focuses on EncroChat evidence cross referenced with ANPR, ‘clean’ phone evidence, cell site and banking evidence. This conspiracy is approximately 200+ kilo’s of class A drugs with an estimate of £6-8 million.

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